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AMERICANS TRY KOREAN FOOD | Taste Test Korean Drink - Woongjin Morning Rice Review

AMERICANS TRY KOREAN FOOD | Taste Test Korean Drink - Woongjin Morning Rice (They don't sell this on Amazon - If you can find a link please send it to me)
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Hey Dads,

I'm an american trying korean food so today I'm doing a test test Korean Drink called Woongjin Morning Rice. This is Americans Try Korean Food!

This drink tastes like cereal in a can. Remember when you were a kid and you ate all of your cereal out of the bowl and you had some milk leftover so you slurpped it out of the bowl and it still had some of the sugar from the cereal left in it?

That is exactly what this Morning Rice drink tastes like! I even let our kids try this Korean drink and they said the same thing!

Have you ever had any korean food or korean drinks before? Let me know in the comments below!

This is my authentic, unedited #review and taste test of the Woongjin Morning Rice from Korea. If you like my review videos, consider subscribing, and let me know in the comments what you want this dad to review next.

Dad Out!

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Crystal Hinson : When I tried it, it instantly reminded me of the milk you drink after finishing a bowl of shredded wheat. I liked it and bought two large bottles. I will be adding this to my morning routine.
Harry 100 : lolol I'm a Korean and that was actually a pretty good way to put it "left over creal milk" haha. I never thought of that but I can see where you came up with it. 
For those new to this drink, it's not quite the taste of rice crispies nor the frosted ones. I would say it's closer to the Almond Breeze but more rice and wheat taste. It's not a dairy product.
This is actually like an old-school classic drink where people would make fun of you saying "you're an oldie" but they know how good it tastes. The bottle says smth like "Rice beverage. The added germinated brown rice nutrients will fill you up with a clean taste." Basically meaning: it's good and ur gonna like it
xuimod : I just discovered this drink, love it. It very sweet (I read rice milk is naturally sweet without the need of sweetners) and tastes like burnt butterfingers (the candy bar).

But it is so sweet i usually dilute it with water.
Morningfame : Haha, awesome drink! Do you know the Milk Bar in New York? All their products are based on that taste. ;) Cheers, Nico
Aeropolitan Flan : Korean horchata. I've been drinking this stuff since I first found it in an H-mart years ago

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