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Jonard Tools PT-300 Pocket Toner

Drop cable continuity tester - accurate up to 5,000 feet (1,500 m). Identify cables in an MDU, and detect troublesome short circuits.


1. Loud tone identifies line carrying signal
2. LED light indicates splitters, DC shorts and other self grounding devices in cable
3. Right angle male push-on connector for working in confined areas
4. Accurate up to 5,000 feet (1,500 m)
5. Common AAA battery for operation
6. Just 5" long, weighs 2 oz. (57 g)

Comes complete with LED light indicator, detachable tone detector, female push-on connector and 1.5V AAA battery.

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B F : It’s a quick go-to tool that’s always on me.
For homes with multiple outlets with a spaghetti mess of wires to tone and a staircase, I have a toner with multiple numbered/ colored probes.
The pocket toner is most useful between the ground block and the unmarked mess of wires 30’ up a pole at the tap. It’s easy to climb with and if I drop it, it’s inexpensive.
Ali. : Nice!! How much do they cost?
Jonard Tools : Suggested retail is $17.50. There is a Where to Buy map on our website to look up a distributor near you.


LP-3232 developement roller

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세일링 중에 섬에 상륙하기 위해서는 고무보트를 사용하는데요. 이 때 4.9마력 휘발류선외기를 사용했었습니다. 아무래도 휘발유를 항상 준비해야하고 무게도 무겁고 시동 걸기도 쉽지 않고;; 최근에 영상을 통해 전기선외기를 알게 되어 구입했습니다. 그 개봉기와 첫 시승기 공유합니다.
근디 : 와우~!! 재밌게 보고있습니다 ㅎㅎ
a4 : 1빠~~~~
인류평화 : 첫째는 아빠 두째는 엄마네요




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