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Introducing PowerDVD 22 - The World’s Best Blu-ray & Media Player

PowerDVD is the complete solution for all of your entertainment needs. From enhanced audio \u0026 visual playback to intuitive playlists and media management, enjoy your entire media library as well as Blu-ray disc and DVD movies, all in one place.

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0Calvin : Great commercial. I watched the whole thing and have no idea what the actual product is.
yemi peter : Very perfect
Matei MINCU : Done! I upgraded from Power DVD 21 Ultra to Power DVD 22 Ultra! I am very happy!
Games That Matter : This program has HUGE problems with importing a folder composed of mkvs. Some of them wont play , the program gets stuck for hours at scanning them .... Terrible media library import. I complained on their forums and they never bothered to respond. I ripped all of Star Trek TNG blu rays into MKVS and the program imported 10 out of the 100+ episodes. As titles it completely failed to recognized which is the episode number and season.Some MKV will play once then the whole program crashes when you try to play another MKV . VLC media player can perfectly play all my MKVs
Gameplayer1500 : Can I use this to play dvds and blurays from any region?

CyberLink PowerDVD 20 - The Complete Review!

[ADVERTORIAL] Let's see together the newest CyberLink PowerDVD 20 in this super quick tutorial review! Thanks a lot to this company for its immense support on this video.
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auzzieamerican : I noticed that when I click on the square with a star icon I don't have an option to select the quality resolution. Is that just because the dvd is from 2000?
Rudy Schwab : For what this costs, I might as well just buy a real blu-ray player.
John Capizola : Am I missing something here or does this do exactly what Realplayer already does?
ChristopherX30 : Can't you do some sort of casting with the new PowerDVD?
pcオーディオ兄さん : 最近、こっちを購入しました。確かに19と比べると使いやすいです。

PowerDVD 19の便利機能(Windows10のブルーレイ再生ソフト)

windows10でブルーレイ再生できる PowerDVD 19の種類と機能


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