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토소웅 3D음파 진동 모공브러쉬

토소웅 3D음파진동 모공브러쉬는 피부 구석구석 깨끗하게 딥클렌징해 줍니다.\r
일반 모공브러쉬의 업그레이드 버전. 블랙헤드,각질,모공관리에 도움을 드립니다.


퀸크리즈+Tosowoong Smart Clean Pore Brush 토소웅 3D 진동 모공 브러시

http://queencrease.blog.me/ 에서 더 자세한 리뷰를 보실 수 있습니다^ㅡㅉ//

You can find specific reviews and pictures on my blog!
Click ▶▶▶ http://queencrease.blog.me/
카사가 '퀸크리즈' : Hello, JRxREplay ;]
You're right. I feel the same with you.
I thought this facial cleansing brush isn't satisfied with working well.
I felt vibration on my hand not much on the face.
But I think if brush head moves properly, longer hair could work for sensitive skin.
Enough length of brush would helpful to sensitive skin.
Of course not pressing during use though.
As you mention, I've never used clarisonic, I feel interest in using it.
Thanks for your comment! Have a good day! ;)
m : Hey, I found your video while I was lookng for some pieces of information about this brush. I live in France ad it is all brand new (I don' even know if some shops sell it yet) I'm really interested in Korean cosmetics for beauty, so thank you very much for your videos! Will you perhaps in the future make some video in English? I can't speak nor fully understand your language even though the video and your blog helps, but I was just wandering. But anyway, thank you for this vid. Bye from France!
Charles Lawrence : Hello, can you tell me Tosowoong has what effect? To remove blackheads?Now you have blackheads?

peechaya premrit : เมืองไทยก็มีขายคะ ในเวปsawasdeekorea
김소희 : 리아님 동감이요ㅋㅋ




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