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Silver nanoparticle risks and benefits: Seven things worth knowing

What are the benefits and risks of using silver nanoparticles in consumer products, including colloidal silver? Risk Bites' Andrew Maynard looks at seven things you should know about this nanomaterial.

Silver nano has been hitting the headlines for a few years now, both as a smart new technology for preventing bacterial infection, and as a potential new health and environmental threat. But what's the science behind how it behaves, and how it might be beneficial, or harmful? We take a look at seven things worth knowing about silver nanoparticles -- some of which may surprise you!

For more information on silver nanoparticles, check out the links below.

The Risk Bites Team:
Andrew Maynard
David Faulkner
Alyssa Berry

Backing track: Based on Blue and Green by Rimsky. http://www.premiumbeat.com/royalty_free_music/songs/blue-and-green


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Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies Consumer Products Inventory: Nano Silver http://www.nanotechproject.org/cpi/search-products/?nanomaterials%5B%5D=1148

X-static http://www.x-staticperformance.com/

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Risk Bites is your guide to making sense of risk. We cover everything from understanding and balancing the risks and benefits of everyday products, to health science more broadly, to the potential impacts of emerging technologies, to making sense of risk perception. If you enjoy our videos, please subscribe, and spread the word!
JustMeDee : I raised fish in water infused with nanosilver solution and they were the healthiest most long lived fish I ever raised.
avazons : I have used nano silver(silver biotics) for years and find it extremely effective against colds especially when used early at the slightest appearance of throat infection. use is occasional rather than daily. Gargling in throat before swallowing is most effective. Also can be sprayed into nasal passage using atomizer.
Pansy Normanyo : I've used it before and I can boldly say that it is fantastic
Bim Marvin Lim : Me and my family have been using colloidal silver almost 10yrs now and almost 10years free of any pharma shits. Now that's evidence in my personal point of view.
Redice J : I put a silver coin in my drinking water, tea, coffe, milk, whatever. Cowboys back in the days boiled their water for coffee with a silver coin in it and almost never got sick

Nano-silver wound dressings earn Manning Innovation Award

Manning Innovation Award winner Robert Burrell talks about using silver to create high-tech wound dressings that changes what we know about how silver can work in healthcare.
Melton Kent Jr : When ships left ports in Europe for the Americas they didn't have access to fresh water and stored water in containers can actually go bad. So, they would drop silver coins in those containers when they filled them before leaving and the water stayed good and was better due to the silver reacting with the water for even helping with sicknesses!
Flying Beaver : Congratulations, Dr. Burrell. One part of doing research is that many variations of an idea may be tried, with each going through several kinds of testing, and not seeing immediate success. An awful lot of careful work goes into this type of basic research, as well as working with colleagues and staying caught up with developments that might have some bearing on your own work. As a former researcher in, and alumnus of the Faculty who did did a a bit of it, I know something of how the process works.
Sometimes, there is just a suggestion in an idea or result that points toward something that might be worth digging into a bit more. When that in turn shows some really promising results, it's a tremendous feeling - a great boost in every way. When that evolves, with still more careful & methodical work upon something quite new and significant, it makes all the rest worthwhile. The research group I worked with had some modest success, but nothing comparable to the breakthrough you've achieved! May I offer my congratulations on your receipt of the Manning Innovation Award, and acknowledge all of the work I know you and your colleagues must have invested in this really important development. Well done!
Christine Mclean : Very interesting.
Ludfi Kamarudin : Same technology in coating hard disk with various metal. It's using plasma with -7 pressure, use argon gas.. Only under -7 pressure plasma can be generated
J Delgren : So is this commercially available?

Anova Nano Precision Sous Vide Cooker Review

Follow me on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/TechGadgetsCanada and Read more: http://www.TechGadgetsCanada.com

There are two types of people who enjoy sous vide cooking . One is a the foodie type, for obvious reasons. The other is the folks out there who *can’t* cook. That may seem weird, but hear me out. Sous vide machines have the ability to control the final temperature of your food to within half a degree, so you really can’t overcook anything. And if you knew it was possible to turn out perfectly perfect food every time with almost no work on your part, wouldn’t you suddenly have an interest in cooking more? The new Anova Precision Cooker Nano is a compact sous vide cooking device that I recently had the chance to test and review, along with the Anova Container. I’ll tell you all about how it works and what kind of food you can make with it, and a bit about what sous vide cooking is and why people like it.
What is Anova Precision Cooker Nano?
The Anova Precision Cooker Nano is a compact, connected sous vide machine. You plug it in and place it in water and using the onboard controls or a smartphone app, you can adjust your cooking temperature to within 0.1 degrees. The Nano version is a smaller and more compact version of the previous generation Anova.

There’s a small digital readout on top of the unit so you can see temperature and time at a glance.

You can use the Anova Precision Cooker Nano in a pot filled with water, a bucket, or with the custom made Anova Container, which lets you stack food while creating an area for the machine. It all gets covered with a lid to keep the heat just right.

What is sous vide cooking?

Sous Vide cooking is a technique that uses a hot water bath to cook food to a precise temperature. More accurate than steaming and not as bland or imprecise as boiling, sous vide is a whole different method of cooking food.

Cooking sous vide involves sealing food inside a watertight bag, and immersing it in that precisely controlled hot water for an extended period of time—often an hour or a couple of hours, depending what you’re making.

After, you may want to give the food a quick sear coming out of the sous vide bath, since while the food is perfectly cooked, it can be a little pasty looking. Searing it gives colour and makes it more appealing on the plate.

Sous vide cooking has numerous advantages:

You can cook proteins, and other food to within 0.1 degree; because you pre-set the temperature, and the sous vide cooker holds it exactly there, there's no danger of overcooking.
Anova Precision Cooker Nano. By the way, did you know the temperature difference between rare and medium rare in a steak is exactly three degrees? That;’s pretty close. No wonder so many of us over or undercook meat. The Anova gets it to witin 0.1 degrees of that perfect temperature and holds is precisely there.

You can leave food unattended, without worrying about overcooking it. Some sous vide machines like the Anova Nano here have connected apps that allow you to monitor time and temperature from a distance.

Another plus of sous vide cooking? Temperature and doneness is uniform all the way through the meat. If you've ever tried to cook a perfect medium steak, you know you can get it medium in the centre, but the outsides are cooked more thoroughly. Because your target temperature is precise, you can make an entire steak that is the perfect medium temperature all the way through, not just in the centre.

Sous vide cooking allows you to hold food at temperature; in some cases for hours. If guests are late, or you've mis-timed the cooking time on your other dishes, you don't have to worry. You can hold food in the sous vide bath. The app will let you know for exactly how long. ***

 How do I set up Anova sous vide?
You’ve got a few things to do before you’re ready to sous vide. First off, download the Anova app from the App Store or Google Play.

Set up
Next you’ll want to encapsulate your food in something that seals well for the cooking. Typically this is a ziplock bag or vacuum packed package. You want something that doesn’t leak, or melt.

Overall review Anova sous vide
Overall I’ve been pretty happy with the Anova Precision Nano Sous Vide machine. It’s easy to use and the app takes a lot of the guesswork out of the precision needed to cook sous vide because it recommends temperatures and sets them for you.

Even so, the Anova Precision Nano Sous Vide does exactly what you need, and it’s a lot of cooking power in a smaller package. The app is helpful and like that it’s easy to operate on-device without needing your smartphone too.
I can recommend the Anova Precision Nano Sous Vide. It sells for about $119CAD.
kiki : This video is fantastic. Tech reviewers like you are awesomely invaluable and there’s a definite lack of them on YouTube. Thank you!
NKiaoda 102 : Thank you for getting right to the point from the beginning. I hate it when so many reviewers talk about complete nonsense the first couple of minutes. I'm glad I found your helpful & informative review. Subscribed!
goostador : Thank you for the review. Today's my first time using the Nano. I have 2 steaks with 2 different seasonings. Since the water warms up so fast I went and just set the meat in there when I set the temp/time on the Nano. I'm not worried about any beeps/warnings the bath is ready.
Alex Nadon : Great Review, I been in the culinary industry for years. And almost every professional kitchen has at least one sous vide. I even have the older original model myself
RogerC : Hi Erin, As always a very interesting and informative review. You have convinced me that w/ the conventional electric range, microwave, and air fryer/oven that I already have I don't need to add a sous vide machine. (Question: "Do you use it to heat up your can of pork & beans?")




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