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Mac Tip: How to migrate your iPhoto Library to the new Photos app

How to migrate an old iPhoto Library to the brand new Photos app in OS X Yosemite 10.10.3.

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Mac Tip: How to migrate your iPhoto Library to the new Photos app

Leo_inter_Hyaenaem : Both are, unfortunately, quite bug-riddled and tend to create duplicates (as opposed to virtual copies in LightRoom). Also, they both will randomly delete huge numbers of images, particularly after an update. Also, occasionally indexing will gets scrambled up as a result of an update.

But speaking of "better", I don't think the Photos app is any better than the iPhoto (or either visually or functionally remotely comparable to Aperture). The latter certainly looks better (more as an OS X app): the Photos app looks rather bland (and is easily as buggy). Post- Steve Jobs' / Forestall Apple's obsession with flat interfaces is a step back, in My opinion. Thankfully, the macOS UI is as beautiful as it used to be through the nostalgia-inducing OS X era, despite the GX /GUI design changes. Yet, the Photos app is a bit of an exception: I can't say it is ugly (nothing designed by Apple's virtuoso UI team, including the interface elements of the earliest OS X iterations - is or was ugly, although not as beautiful in early OS X as in its late integrations) - ugly it is not, but not quite beautiful, either.

Speaking of ugly, the only OS X era Apple software with an ugly UI - was the pre X version of the Final Cut: by the looks of it, Final Cut [Pro / Express] could just as well be concocted by the crude constriction workers composing Microsoft's "design" team or by Linux' "designers" who can't tell beautiful from ugly, howsoever evident.
Cherie Kirschbaum : One of the best tutorials-explains things simply and clearly.
RENE : Thank you! A much needed tutorial as most people end up with two libraries taking up space. Now I've learned that I can trash the old iPhoto library once the migration is finished.
David Cole : Brilliant, thank you! Spent ages working out why photos wasnt showing my latest iphoto library. Deleted the old photos library and imported it again as you showed and it worked perfectly! Spent ages trawling discussions and help pages but with no success until watching your video. Thank you!
Kent Hinckley : Well done. Simple and effective. Thanks.

How To: Switch Back to iPhoto after upgrading to Photos

A simple and quick video on how to revert back to iPhoto after upgrading to Photos with the latest Mac OS X Maverick update. I also show how to switch your library to Photos in case you ever want to stop using iPhotos.

Please excuse the poor audio quality, the fans in my iMac turned on while I was recording.

Make sure to backup your library, I accept no responsibility in regards to what happens to your pictures in case of a computer or human error.

Equipment Used: iMac 5k, Built In Mic, iPhoto, Photo, Quicktime software

Edited with iMovie 10
john schultz : I have used your fixes in the past and you are always spot on !! Thank You !!!
Mestizo : 1) I would recommend doing a software upgrade if possible then restarting your computer. 

If that doesn't work try 

2) Holding down the option key on the iPhoto icon to  refresh your library. 

3) Last but not least I would attempt doing repair/rebuild of your the iPhoto library by Holding down the Command and Option keys on the keyboard.

Make sure to backup your computer before doing any of these steps. Let me know if this helps.
Lloyd Stevenson : Thanks for helpful tip.
One question. How do I get the images I added while "photos" was active back into iPhoto?
lowrider9367 : First of all thanks for your tutorial.  The control opt key trick solved my issues.  Now with that being said.  I just purchased a new iMac & when I first turned it on everything worked as normal in regards to iPhoto.  I am also not familiar with Photo & do not want to use it.  Unfortunately after I uploaded some photos into the iPhoto program I was prompted to update the computer.  This was no surprise as this is a new computer.  Well after the update 10.10.5 iPhoto no longer works. It said that it was an older version & that I would have to go to the app store & update.  No big deal.  Go to the app store & I am told that it is no longer supported in the US.  I try it 5 or 10 times.  Nothing!!!  So I go on to support with Apple & they informed me that when you update to the version listed above iPhoto is disabled.  They said that they are no longer supporting iPhoto.  I was told that the only way to keep iPhoto in the computer was not to update it???  So when you update from the version you have now you may not have an option in the future to still use iPhoto.  If you find a work around please share.  For now I am in the process of learning Photo.  :(
Alex Hugessen : Thanks.... I too did not care for photos so this was a helpful and easy switch. One question. I see that the imagesI added while "photos" was active are not in iPhotos now. Any way to easily get them into iPhpto?

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