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CATIA V5 Practice Design 1 for beginners | Catia Part modeling | Part Design | Engineer AutoCAD

CATIA V5 Practice Design 1 for beginners | Catia Part modeling | Part Design

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CATIA V5 Practice Design 1 for beginners with Drawing sheet :

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Engineer AutoCAD Tutorials:

Somigari Rajesh : my small advice is don't keep music. please make a voice that will clearly indestand learners and viewers.
Autodidacta Arte : There is a problem: In the end, the 10mm thickness only has a point of tangency with the cylinder; so that the curve should move a few millimeters until the entire curved part intersects the cylinder. You just have to make a small adjustment. Good video. Thank you.
Big Murff : Thank you for the tutorial. There are some advantages over Solidworks in terms of function however I prefer the UI of Solidworks over Catia and one thing Solidworks does is inform the user if their sketch is undefined or overdefined so they may adjust their constraints accordingly. Catia I feel the user has to add in the constraints manually every time. They are both very similar in process though.
Prakash V : for practicing if there is a rough sketch of this drawing with dimensions, we can try it ourself as a practice session after learning your video .....superb learning videos ...much useful for me...thank you sir
Giant Dworf : Thank you, your method of using project element is great but it is still complicated for me guess ill spend some time working around it

CATIA V5 R2018 다운하는 방법

CATIA V5 2018 Zip 드라이브 주소
크롬 VPN 하는 법
김동민 : 압축 풀고 셋업 관리자권한으로 실행 했는데 안 떠요ㅠㅠ 반디집으로도 해봤는데 안 되네용 ㅠㅠ 뭐가 문제일까요..
정영태 : 선생님 정말 감사합니다!!
ll k : 데스크탑에 시작 아이콘을 생성합니다에서
체크박스 누르고 설치했는데 바탕화면에 아이콘 생성이 안됩니다..
일단 파일검색해서 크랙파일까지넣고
CATSTART 찾아서 관리자 권한으로 실행까지 했는데 검은 박스만 잠깐 떴다가 바로 꺼집니다.. 그 이후론 아무리 눌러도 먹통이고요ㅠㅠ 어떻게 해야될까요..
문기량 : 파일 저장기능은 막혀있나요? 저장을 못하겠네요
태현김 : 매우 감사합니다 근데 크랙 단속 걸리는 일은 없겠죠..?

CATIA Training Course Exercises for Beginners - 4 | CATIA V5 Part Design Exercises

CATIA Training Course Exercises for Beginners - 4 | CATIA V5 Part Design Exercises. This tutorial shows how to create your first 3D part in CATIA step by step. This is basic CATIA part design tutorial. CATIA commands used are Line, Rectangle, Quick Trim, Pad, Pocket, Mirror.

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Ahmet Kasapoğlu : Thanks, brother. Simple and straight forward explaination.
manaohar sam : Good, speaks at right pace. Also you easily follow what selection you are making. You did a great job, made it real easy. Great teacher. You are giving me enough time to see what selection you are making. Also showing drag some of the menu to the top. Very nice , very well coordinated.
Akshay Poal : The height you took for the side should be 35 and not 50, as it is 50 from the top and not from the point of coincidence.
Very informative and great for quick practice.
Asli Engineers : Thank you sir! I was not able to understand CATIA in my lecture, but I've mastered the basics just ny watching your videos❤️ Thank you once again sir!
Kartik Sharma : sir, can you also provide the reference sketches (you use to in your videos) in the description. It will be very useful for practice purpose.




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