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In this video I talk about why I think Moose Knuckles parka jackets are better than Canada Goose Parkas and the pros and cons of the parka jackets for each brand, of course only in my humble opinions. Enjoy

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everything will be ok : I own many winter jackets from Moncler and Canada goose, but since I bought my first Moose knuckles a few weeks ago I can say it’s the highest quality, best made of the three brands. Just so heavy and warm with some great details like the soft pockets and tomahawk zip.
Ghost : i'm nyc so it's always nice to hear someone's perspective that's from another country/continent. i personally like mk's quality and aesthetic more than cg's. once their marketing team steps it up, it'll be on par with cg in terms of "prestige."
lizzy brock : The Moose Knuckle jacket has helped me so much. I have a problem where I am cold all the time and it’s the only jacket that’s worked. Tried monclear, monkage & Canadian goose - all colder. If you are a person whose always cold i highly recommend moose knuckles! I never thought I’d spend so much on a jacket but it’s so worth it.
Rupert Steffler : Unreal quality on Moose Knuckles. Another brand I would buy before Canada Goose is Mackage, that will be the parka for which I break the bank. Very classy style, with leather and fur


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Imaginxble R6 : I think the 3 coats compliment each other tho like the moncler is stylish, the moose is the warmest and the cg is the most practical
John Sim : Great video. For me, in Scotland, it would be the Moncler because we don't get as cold as you guys do. The others will be better for when it's cold, snowing, or even just a bit wet. Moncler really doesn't like rain! But I've other coats for when it does rain, but when its cold and dry I opt for my Maya. Moncler have other coats which would probably be even better for the sub-zero (in C, not F) cold, and better protected from rain too. But they're really getting expensive now...
Alistair Edgar : Nice review man. This video randomly popped up for me, literally just received my Stirling parka black with black fur, without a doubt the best garment of clothing I’ve ever purchased . Makes this Scottish winter enjoyable . Look at parajumper jackets that’s about the only other one I’ve felt that compares in quality. Rains jacket are making moves over here too. The mackage jackets I looked at was all loosing fur. The pyrenex jackets felt good quality but was still loosing down inside, literally the moose and parajumper is the best quality from all I’ve looked at. The Canada goose I couldn’t go with now as far too many fakes about, every second crack head in Scotland is walking about with fake gooses .
GabeV617 : Is just got the MK Forestville and what you said about considering what to wear with MK Jackets is SPOT ON. I realized when I got home that it is a jacket I am no way going to be able to rock a lot of my casual street gear with. That being said, not a con at all and I'm actually happy it contrasts from others in that way. Such a unique simple style that's hard to explain.
Jacob Chavez : I also bought a Moose Knuckles stag and to be honest they run tight. I’m 5’7, 180 and a got a medium size but they run a bit tight, specially around your chest, making my movement a bit uncomfortable. I exchanged it for L and it fit better but ran a bit long, however, I will layer up a bit and should be ok.

Now, I am with you: MK quality feels really heavy duty (zipper, fabric & buttons), and feels worth the money, and to me, they are warmer than the Canada Goose. I don’t have a Moncler, but thanks for speaking of its warmth level.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:28 Moose Knuckles 3Q Jacket Overview
3:19 Moose Knuckles Noise Test
3:34 Moose Knuckles 3Q Jacket Fit
5:33 Canada Goose Expedition Jacket Overview
9:08 Canada Goose Noise Test
9:23 Canada Goose Expedition Jacket Fit
11:38 Final Scores/Results!


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Moses K : These reviews are so detailed, you never miss a thing
The Style Goat : I think that if anyone of us are going to really go far with this youtube stuff it’s very much going to be you. The dedication and detail that goes into everyone of these are so cool to see knowing how much work goes into this just shines more light on how dope these videos really are
Chad Martin : Love the content! I’ve been looking at the Canada goose jacket new to the brand. I’m 5ft 4 male, ~165-175 , in good shape. Any help with sizing is appreciated. Just got the salehebembury concord jacket(think based off the kelowna fleece) in L and it feels a bit big, long sleeves and hits a bit low. How tall are you?
Tara A : Awesome Video! Thanks so much! I'm actually a female in the market for a new long winter coat and so far its between the CG Mystique and MK Saskatchewan. I still have to go and try on, but I'm doing research before I go into the stores. I like that you said that the CG wasn't that attractive. Finally, someone said it! LOL! So many pros and cons to each. I guess it depends on what's most important. I love the hood wire option on CG but the fur on MK is softer, but it sheds. I think this is a great metaphor for life - you can't have it all ;)




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