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Автоподбор б\у Mercedes-Benz C320 W203 за 250тр

Осмотр Mercedes-Benz C320 2000г. 385С32ткм.
Напишите мне в ВК: https://vk.com/kaliff или звоните 8931-242-4251 с 11 по 22
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Интернет магазин запчастей Юлсан http://yulsun.ru/
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Привет, меня зовут Владимир Андреев, и я являюсь автоэкспертом по подбору авто с пробегом. И на этом канале я делюсь своим опытом работы в сфере автоподбора, и делаю всякие полезные видео для новичков и не только.

На этом канале мы можем обсудить все аспекты выбора хорошего автомобиля. И как не нарваться на автомошенников или на автохлам и купить юридически честный автомобиль.

Почта: kaliff75@mail.ru

Ссылка на мой сайт по подбору автомобилей с пробегом в Санкт-Петербурге. http://7club.ru/
Сергей Б : У меня w202 1998 года пробег 400т . Км . Состояние в разы лучше этого экземпляра . Это полный утиль.
Xm 555 sG _ : Подбор наверное больше стоит чем сам мерседес)
Кирилл Богданов : Привет Володя! Как написано в комментах - добить до конца ..! А так - бабла только жалко за такой 20-летний экземпляр ..! А пробег скорей всего по 2-ому кругу ..! Но, как говорится, хозяин-барин ..! А так ЛАЙК жирный по-любэ за интересный контент ..! И удачи, успехов и хорошего настроения!
NEXTEL 199 : Володя у тебя с головой все в порядке 20летний мэрс мерить толщиномером за 200к. Там ничего делать по кузову не нужно просто укатывать до конца только за подвеской смотреть.
Эмилиан Райфайзен : Уровень подбора был понятен, как только из кармана достали толщиномер и начали тыкать ТолщиноМером в кузов через слой грязи и удивляться, что показывает разную толщину! Не доверил бы вам подбор! Это мой взгляд...

2001 Mercedes Benz C320|17823A

http://www.communitychrysler.com | 866-981-6280

Located at:
Community Chrysler
555 State Rd. 37 S.
Martinsville, IN

Less than a 30 minute drive from Plainfield, Greenwood, Franklin, Mooresville, Camby, and Bloomington.

Community Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM is Morgan County, Indiana's largest used car dealer.
berner : Mine's a 2002 and there's a lot of similarities in this one and mine. As a first time owner, I really live my C320. It's eighteen years old and it definitely lives up to the name. I feel really pampered when I drive it.
mrearlygold : Very good description! Many miles of happy motoring to y'all!
D MOTORS REVIEWS & Vlogs : I can’t believe everything is still working they sure don’t make stuff like they used to
Med 2020 : Do you recommend buying one ? i really like this car looks amazing and very comfy ride .. but i heard it has many issues especially the engine and injection system ? Thanks
berner :  @Med 2020  Hey. So to update between when I posted my comment and how it's doing now. First off, the car had 86,000 kms when I bought it. It is now up to 87,000 and a little bit.

The engine and transmission run great still. One of the motors in the passenger seat died and being electrical, the motors are connected to each other so if one goes, the other goes too. I did get it fixed though and the person who fixed it replaced a wire that had shorted. All in all it cost me $350 CAD with labour. If your mechanic offers to try and fix the motor over buying a replacement one, the replacement one will cost you more (I don't know how much though).

Also, the car stopped blowing warm air out of the vents, so I had that fixed too. Luckily it happened within the first 30 days of buying it from a dealer, so that way they were obligated to repair it free of charge. The technician had to take the dash and center console apart to do it but when he put it back together, he didn't align the vent arm correctly so every time I turn the car on and it starts going through all its systems, there's a loud clacking sound of the vent control doing its thing for about 10 seconds but then it goes away.

Also, the motor for the passenger door's window is starting to die, so until I take it in to get it fixed, I keep it closed just in case I open it and it decides to die out on me. The dealer quoted me about $400 CAD with parts and labour to fix it.

Outside of that, it's a nice ride and I haven't had any major issues with it. I was able to purchase a power train warranty for a year with it from the dealer, but I don't know if that's something Mercedes offers as an incentive when purchasing their vehicles or if it was a dealership thing.

Despite all that, would I recommend buying one? Absolutely. I'm told that the older Mercedes engines are better than the newer ones now, but that's hearsay and I've had a good ride with mine, even though I've only owned one for a little over 2 months now. Also with any car you buy, contact a dealership that also has an automotive shop in it and ask them if the vehicle you bought has any recalls on the specific vehicle you bought. They should ask you for the VIN number and then they'll check.

The only recall that wasn't done on mine was one with the sunroof. Apparently Mercedes contracted a third party to design a sunroof for the C320 and something about how the glue they used was defective and it resulted in the glass panel of the sunroofs to dislodge and fly off the car when highway driving.

제네시스 GV60 시승기: 아이오닉, 테슬라와 비교하면?? (feat. 현석)

안녕하세요 터보832 입니다.
재밌게 봐주세요^^

#gv60 #제네시스
l l : 두분 같이 영상 안찍으셔서 절교한줄 ..
황 : 크 ~~ 잘 보겠습니다
NEWYORK YoungBoyz : 크 털보옹 시승기는믿고보는거지
Donggyu Hwang : 시승기 문의는 어디로 드리면 될까요?
조경호 : 우회전 법규는 미디어 오토 영상 보시면 될거같아요 현재 이슈는 23년부터 라고합니다




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